West Sussex, East Preston dog grooming courses

Q & A

Want to know more about the course? Here are some of the most common questions asked by students to give you a better understanding of how the course is structured.
1 – How do you become a professional dog groomer?
Currently there is no legal requirement or legislation to hold any formal qualification or training to set up as a professional dog groomer. However we would strongly recommend you join a training programme to ensure you enjoy a safe and successful career.

There are numerous avenues you can explore
– Learning on the job alongside an experienced dog groomer
– Apprenticeships
– Web based learning (varied certificates)
– City & Guilds
– Private in-house training in salons
– Academy Courses
– Seminars & Workshops

There is no best way to learn, as an adult you know how you shine the brightest. There are many personal factors to consider such as time, commitment, budget, past educational experiences and what feels right for you and your family at this crossroads in your life.
2 – What does OCN Endorsed mean?
It means that the course you are attending has had the stamp of approval from OCN London. The OCN London Endorsed Training Scheme is a badge of quality for the in-house training we have developed and deliver. The training manual has gone through rigorous checks so that it meets the high standards we promise to deliver to every student that enrols on the course.
3 – How good will I be after 22 days?
Every student arrives with natural ability at different aspects of dog grooming. The course will give you all the knowledge and skills required to be a professional dog groomer. However this is just the beginning of your journey, after completion of the course your destination is your choice! You must manage your own expectations and be prepared to practice, practice, practice! You will need to get yourself some family and friends dogs as models and be willing to offer discounts and promotions. You will be slower as you are new to this and at SCDGA you will learn that the dogs welfare is paramount so taking it slowly is recommended so your learning and development will continue. Once you pick up pace and gain confidence working alone you will be an asset to the dog grooming industry.
4 – How many dogs will I get to work on?
You will have hands-on experience from the off! With each coat type you will observe a demo, work in pairs and work alone. You won't be thrown in the deep end but equally you are challenged so that you reach your potential. Over 50 dogs will visit the academy during your time there so you will experience every case scenario.
5 – How much can I potentially earn? Are there enough dogs out there?
This chosen career is flexible, so you can earn as much or as little as you need. Some students want to just do family and friends as a gentle income, other students are the main bread winner and need to earn £30k plus, both is realistic and achievable. There are more dogs now then ever, the dog industry is booming. You only have to call your local dog groomers to find their next available appointment if indeed they are even taking on any more clients.
6 – Can I get help with funding for this course?
The course fee is £3250 and the recommended kit is £250. We except all major debit and credit cards, however, if you need to spread the cost of the course, please call us to discuss your options. In recent months the government and banks are encouraging entrepreneurs so it is always worth researching if there is any help available for your start-up business.
7 – What support is there for me after the course if I run into difficulties?
Rest assured you are not alone after the course. You will have built good relationships with the team at SCDGA and made friends with the other students so everyone is there to help each other. We encourage you to refer to your manual and you can email us or message us and we can advise you or just give confidence that you are doing fine.
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First aid for dogs (half day course)
As a dog lover, dog owner or dog professional, learn basic life saving and first aid techniques, such as CPR, choking and poisoning on our CPD accredited 3 hour dog first aid course. Our dog first aid courses are run by qualified pet first aid instructors who are also registered nurses and specialist canine first aid trainers.
As well as expert tuition, you’ll also receive a canine emergency first aid booklet and a certificate of attendance, as well as follow up support if needed. Our course has been Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited by The CPD Standards Office. All of our certificates are CPD accredited.

What we cover
The vet and your role in first aid
Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
Car accidents
Dog proofing your home
How dogs show pain
Checking your dogs health

Dog accidents and first aid
Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
Dog CPR and drowning
Broken bones, spinal injury and moving an injured dog
Controlling bleeding
Dressings and bandages including the ear and tail
Paw problems
Ears, eyes and mouth
Poisoning, bites and stings
Burns and temperature related problems
Seizures and epilepsy
Dealing with the older dog, puppies and young animals
Pet first aid kits

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